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The Solution

MI Bright Future is the answer!

Connecting students and career professionals like never before…

MI Bright Future directly connects students with real-life professionals through an easy-to-use online tool that can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. Through company profiles, virtual discussion boards, and a database of approved work-based learning opportunitiesActivities meant to improve and expand career and workplace knowledge, such as guest speaking, internships, and job shadows., MI Bright Future provides students real-time insight into the skills and education needed to achieve career goals by connecting them with local professionals who have already learned what it takes to succeed in their occupation.

…and improving student outlook.

Students who have used the technology behind MI Bright Future have reported improved feelings of optimism and confidence when making decisions about their future. Thanks to the insight gained from interacting with local professionals, 91% of students agreed the technology helped them realize the importance of doing well in school, and 86% felt more confident about making educational and career decisions.


Watch a system demonstration!


MI Bright Future aims to:


high-demand careers and education pathways to high school students across the state.


local employers in job shadowing, mentoring, company tours, and other work-based learning opportunities to raise student awareness of viable career options and provide valuable work experience.


career awareness and readiness efforts across the state by acting as a resource network for students, parents, employers, and educators.


  • Career Awareness: Students gain more hands-on, practical knowledge and awareness of what it means to work and the jobs that most interest them.
  • Educational Relevance: Students better understand the connection between schoolwork and career goals, increasing participation in secondary and post-secondary learning opportunities related to their interests and goals.
  • Persistence in Education: Because they see the relevance of education to their long-term career and economic goals, student persistence in secondary and post-secondary learning improves.
  • Employability: Students develop critical work skills that improve their employability prospects after graduation.
  • Talent Development: Employers develop and find the talent they need by communicating real-time needs to students.

MI Bright Future: What They're Saying

Cornelius, Student

“These are people who chose this pathway through college and had personal experience. They can give me an idea of what kind of job I would be able to get coming out of college.”

Matt Jourden, CTE Instructor, Brighton High School

“By having a consistent dialogue with industry professionals, my students can stay up to date with industry’s ever evolving trends. The hope is to have the students learn that their work environment and the projects they are working on in high school are similar to projects they would experience in industry.”

Sharon Miller, Michigan Talent Architect, Consumers Energy

“The best way for students to understand what we do, and careers in energy, is to experience it directly. We use this tool to engage with students, teachers, and counselors across the state.”