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Internships Available RIGHT NOW

Looking for an internship RIGHT NOW? The companies below have internship opportunities available today! If you’re interested in finding out more, log into MI Bright Future, visit the company’s profile and message the company contact.
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MI Bright Future to Present at Automation Alley Jan. 17

Join the MI Bright Future team on Tuesday, January 17th at Automation Alley for a presentation of 60 Minutes to Success: Connecting Business to the Education Pipeline.

Michigan is currently in the midst of one of the greatest economic recovery stories ever seen. Jobs are returning to the state, business is growing, and the rate of unemployed persons continues to decline. But the good news ends there. While businesses are growing, the labor force is ageing rapidly, and the next generation of workers lack the skills and knowledge of their predecessors. The future workforce is unprepared, which will disrupt many businesses’ current operations and also cripple their chances for long-term, sustained success.  MI Bright Future exists to prevent that from happening.

Local employers and other professionals interested in getting a head start on developing their future workforce are encouraged to join Sarah Sebaly, MI Bright Future Senior Program Manager, and Lisa Gordon, MI Bright Future Program Coordinator on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 from 3:30-4:30 p.m. at Automation Alley for a brief presentation about the MI Bright Future program. Attendees will learn more about the benefits MI Bright Future offers participating employers, and will receive deeper insight into how students will be connecting with them. Interested parties are asked to register with Automation Alley by clicking here.

MI Bright Future is the premier tool in Michigan for connecting the business community with local students. By ensuring students are on the right educational pathway while in high school, employers take a proactive role in shaping their future workers’ educational plans and guarantee they have the best-skilled workforce to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Utilizing an easy-to-use virtual interface, MI Bright Future connects students with employers via company profiles, career message boards, and a database of available work-based learning opportunities—such as internships, job shadows, etc.—as determined by employers upon sign-up. Because it is an online-based program, students are free to network with employers both during and after school. Better yet? Signing up for MI Bright Future is both easy and free!

Unable to attend the event at Automation Alley? Contact Sarah Sebaly for additional questions at, or visit

MI Bright Future Launches in Detroit

Detroit Public Schools this fall will begin offering software to help connect high school students with 185 potential employers in the region, under a new program managed by the Workforce Intelligence Network of Southeast Michigan.

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Engaging Students with Active Learning

If you want to increase student interest in your class, add “extreme” to its title. That strategy worked for University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) professor Perry Samson, who more than doubled the number of students attending his meteorology class, “Weather and Climate,” by renaming it “Extreme Weather.” But if your goal is to improve student outcomes, Samson says, employ active learning techniques, an approach that improved examination performance among his students by just under half a standard deviation.

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New push to promote science and tech education

LANSING (AP) — High school students could be awarded a special endorsement on their diploma if they earn enough credits in science, technology, engineering and math under bills advancing in the Michigan Legislature.

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5 Questions: Entrepreneur Jim Brown shares secrets of tech success

Not only has Jim Brown got his finger on the technology pulse of Indianapolis, he’s also helping launch the industry into the future by showcasing the city at the MBO15 Digital Marketing Conference on April 29 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

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Career and Technical Education Should Be the Rule, Not the Exception

It’s hard to argue with the success of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, which teach transferable workplace skills and academic content in a hands-on context. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan recently characterized CTE programs as providing “instruction that is hands-on and engaging, as well as rigorous and relevant.” He went on to say that CTE programs “are helping to connect students with the high-demand science, technology, engineering and math fields — where so many good jobs are waiting.” Furthermore, in recognizing CTE month on the House floor, Rep. James Langevin recently stated, “CTE is an investment in the future of our economy, our workforce and our country.”

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Detroit Races San Jose for Tech as Snyder Sees Jobs Convergence

Less than three miles from Governor Rick Snyder’s Ann Arbor office, he can see Michigan’s pursuit of technological mastery. A 23-acre mock city will soon put driverless cars through the paces of urban hazards, complete with darting robot pedestrians and real snow.

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Chase pushes job training in health care, manufacturing

JPMorgan Chase, as part of its five-year $100-million investment in Detroit, is releasing a report today detailing a skills gap in metropolitan Detroit and suggesting ways to bolster workforce development in the region.

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