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What is MI Bright Future?

MI Bright Future is a safe, one-stop place for employers to connect with their future workforce that is accessible anywhere with an Internet connection. Through MI Bright Future, participating professionals promote their company and industry to students, interact with them directly, and provide valuable advice and career development opportunities, like internships, job shadows, and more.

What does participation mean?

All participating professionals choose their own level of engagement. MI Bright Future offers two ways for interested professionals to become involved: company enrollment and individual Career Coach registration.

As an enrolled company, you can:

  • Host a company profile, including your logo and company videos
  • Participate in a company discussion board
  • Offer work-based learning opportunitiesActivities meant to improve and expand career and workplace knowledge, such as guest speaking, internships, and job shadows.
  • Register yourself and your colleagues as Career Coaches
  • Provide awareness of the occupations you hire
  • Inform students of the qualities you look for in job candidates
  • Include a link to your real-time job postings page

As an independent Career Coach, you can:

  • Answer career questions through discussion boards visible to all participating students
  • Provide background information about your career history
  • Offer select work-based learning opportunities

Watch a system demonstration!

Why join?

Too few students and job seekers are completing degrees and certifications in high-demand fields, causing many Michigan companies to struggle and compete with one another to find the workers they need. Through MI Bright Future, career professionals connect with local students to begin shaping their future workforce and expand the available talent pool.

Through MI Bright Future, participating professionals can:

  • Make a lasting impact in less than 15 minutes a week
  • Increase their organization’s visibility
  • Promote and expand current community outreach efforts
  • Raise awareness of in-demand occupations and their required credentials
  • Connect with their future workforce early and guide their career development efforts
  • Share their experiences with thousands of students and their educators
  • Bridge the skills gap by informing students and educators of real-time industry needs
  • Make Michigan a rewarding place to do business

The Goal

MI Bright Future’s collaboration between students, educators, and employers aims to introduce young job seekers to the state’s growing occupations through an easy-to-use communication platform and grow partnerships between industry and K-12 schools. By simplifying the connections between employers and students, MI Bright Future allows professionals who utilize the platform to connect with their future workforce and nurture their professional development through career and company message boards, company profiles, and a database of work-based learning opportunities accessible by both students and their educators. By assisting students in learning the best pathway for their chosen career, MI Bright Future helps employers ensure they have the qualified workforce they need for years to come. Sign In    Become A Career Coach     Register Your Business All registrants are subject to a nationwide criminal and sex offender background check before your account is activated. For more information view our Terms & Conditions