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What is MI Bright Future?

MI Bright Future is an online tool that enhances career exploration activities by providing a safe, one-stop place for employers, educators and students to connect with one another. Through the system, students ask real-life professionals their career questions, explore local companies through company profiles, and gain on-the-job experience through a database of work-based learning opportunitiesActivities meant to improve and expand career and workplace knowledge, such as guest speaking, internships, and job shadows.. Educators utilize the database to find guest speakers, career fair employers, externship opportunities, and other employer-partnered activities.

MI Bright Future:

  • Assists educators in meeting student work-based learning opportunity requirements
  • Helps students see the relevance of education by connecting it to a desired career
  • Engages students early to start thinking about careers
  • Makes a positive impact on graduation rates
  • Provides a database of company contacts for a variety of career activities

How does MI Bright Future work?

MI Bright Future convenes employers, students, educators, parents, and community members in a single, stream-lined system that transforms career exploration into a dynamic, accessible, and relevant experience. Powered by an enhancement to Career Cruising, the software used by a majority of Michigan schools to complete student Educational Development Plans, MI Bright Future offers new, innovative tools and resources to change the way educators assist students and connect with employers.

Through MI Bright Future students can:


skills, abilities and preferences to see how they match up with careers of interest.


careers through hundreds of career profiles that include job descriptions, education and training requirements, and projected salary information.


to local companies and career professionals throughout Michigan through company profiles, career and company discussion boards, work-based learning opportunities, and more.


career questions directly with real-life professionals, follow discussions of interest, and read questions others have had about careers.


careers first-hand by searching for job shadowing, mock interviews, company tours, company events, and internship opportunities offered by employers in your area.


the education and training required for a particular career, how colleges and other schools compare to one another, and how to find college prep and financial aid information.


a career plan, write a resume and cover letter, and prepare for future interviews with step-by-step help.

How can educators participate?

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