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Blog: Three Creative Ways to use MI Bright Future

MI Bright Future is a platform for students and educators to explore and interact with professionals and businesses throughout the state of Michigan. It allows users to explore careers and employers in a meaningful way. There are several ways to use the program, including career/company discussion boards, company profiles, and work-based learning activities. Through this program, educators can greatly impact a student’s post-secondary career pathway and relate what they are learning in school to their future careers . Below are three creative ways to incorporate MI Bright Future in the classroom.

Create EDP activities to explore MI Bright Future:

Educators can use MI Bright Future to create student activities that count towards EDP completion. These activities are unique to every educator and can be customized by grade level or to a group of students. Creating EDP activities to explore MI Bright Future is a good way to introduce the program to students and encourage them to interact with it in a constructive manner. Activities like drafting a career coach question, looking up a particular industry in the region, or finding a local company and exploring their work-based learning activities helps students learn how to use the program effectively to interact with businesses. Educators can create EDP activities in the Career Advisor Management System (CAMS) through the EDP Completion Standards tab under the “Required Assignments & Activities” by selecting “add an assignment”. Connect with the MI Bright Future team to learn more!

Have a “MI Bright Future Lesson” in your classroom:

A new resource available to educators are MI Bright Future lesson plans! These lesson plans were developed in response to school partners requesting resources to guide educators and students through the MI Bright Future system and serve as support when the MI Bright Future team cannot be in the classrooms. They cover topics such as internet safety, importance of soft skills, and best practices with social media. These plans are great for classrooms just starting out with MI Bright Future or those that want a “refresher” with students. Facilitation of the lesson plans is first done by one of MI Bright Future’s Implementation Coordinators, and then, through discussion with school staff, can be facilitated by educators themselves. The lesson plans meet Common Core College and Career Readiness standards. To learn more about MI Bright Future lesson plans, contact MI Bright Future at

Think outside the box with work-based learning :

One of the main functions of MI Bright Future is requesting work-based learning activities from local businesses and professionals. This feature is especially versatile and can be used to engage with students through creative means. One way to use work-based learning activities is by hosting a competition with a local business. For example, educators can use work-based learning activities for an art class doing a project that will be evaluated by a local designer or artist. Another way to use work-based learning activities is to have local professionals come in and do mock interviews with students to prepare them for job interviews. These out-of-the-box examples not only get students to interact with local businesses, but also allows for relationships to form between businesses and educators.

Want to learn more creative ways to improve your school’s career exploration activities? We invite you to join our educator focused Twitter Chat on Thursday, January 24th, 2019 at 3:00pm using the hashtag #MIBrightChat.

How will you benefit?

  • Learn from educators across Michigan on how to build relationships with companies and find career exposure opportunities for students.
  • Gain a full perspective on the importance of incorporating career readiness activities in K-12 education.
  • Collaborate with educators utilizing MI Bright Future to grow Michigan’s future talent.

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