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Blog: How to prepare your students for their future today!

In Michigan, there are a lack of individuals who have obtained a degree or certification towards careers in high-demand industries, such as health care, IT, skilled trades, and engineering and design. [1] In response, MI Bright Future is a statewide initiative to grow the next generation of qualified candidates and in turn narrow the gap in Michigan’s workforce demand. The program makes career-related information accessible online to high school students and their educators! Here are four tools to help you jump start your students’ journey towards a rewarding career.

“New” Occupations

High school students are familiar with teachers and librarians, but how much do they know about instructional coordinators or speech-language pathologists? With MI Bright Future, students are exposed to careers they may have never heard about, but who play an important role in our workforce and society. Help your students access these occupations by visiting the ‘Industries’ tab in MI Bright Future and navigating to the ‘Significant Careers’ section of their preferred industry.

Local Employers

How strong are your students’ research skills? This ability is one of the most in-demand soft skills in Michigan, based on our most recent State of Michigan report. Your students can develop their research skills by exploring companies in Michigan and within their neighborhood! Both students and educators have access to a company’s hiring requirements in the ‘What We’re Looking For’ section of each MI Bright Future company profile.


Communication is tied for first place as the most in-demand soft skill in Michigan. You can advance your students’ communication skills by guiding them to develop career-focused questions and posting or replying to Career Coaches on discussion boards in MI Bright Future. In doing so, students will interact directly with individuals who have work experience in that occupation. 

Firsthand Experience

How did you realize that a career in education was right for you? Today, work-based learning activities help students figure out if an industry or occupation truly aligns with their interests. Companies are engaging with students by guest speaking at schools or by offering tours of their facility. Educators can request these kinds of activities by visiting the MI Bright Future tab on Career Advisor Management System (CAMS) and clicking on ‘Search for WLA.’

Want to learn more about MI Bright Future and how you can improve your school’s career exploration activities? We invite you to join our educator focused Twitter Chat on Thursday, January 24th, 2019 at 3:00pm using the hashtag #MIBrightChat.

How will you benefit?

  • Learn from educators across Michigan on how to build relationships with companies and find career exposure opportunities for students
  • Gain a full perspective on the importance of incorporating career readiness activities in K-12 education
  • Collaborate with educators utilizing MI Bright Future to grow Michigan’s future talent

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