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Blog: Building your future workforce with MI Bright Future

A healthy workforce pipeline is crucial to Michigan’s economic sustainability and growth. Michigan would struggle to develop, attract, and retain the next generation of qualified workers if not for the collaboration between business, government, community, and education. This type of collaboration is at the heart of MI Bright Future. By connecting businesses with local schools through an easy-to-use online system, MI Bright Future allows companies to take a proactive role in developing the state’s talent and securing its future in Michigan.

Once registered with MI Bright Future, there are many steps companies can take to reach students and maximize their experience. With 2018 coming to a close, we wanted to share some MI Bright Future best practices to help you build a qualified future workforce.


  • The 2018 school year has started off strong, with October seeing record numbers of company profile views and work-based learning activity requests. Take advantage of this by adding your logo and company video to your profile, and consider offering additional activities on your MI Bright Future profile.
  • Visit the online portal and/or check for email notifications multiple times per month, since students continue to return to the site throughout the year.
  • In your email, save the “” domain as a “safe sender.” If you have not already done so, check your spam/junk/clutter folder for notifications.
  • When you respond to students on Career Coach discussion boards, mention your company and which work-based learning activities you offer, if any. If your company hires employees for the occupation you are responding to, point that out and describe your opportunities: demand, pay, hours, education requirement, etc.
  • Consider becoming a MI Bright Future sponsor to send messages directly to students and educators.


Want to learn more about MI Bright Future and share your talent development efforts with other interested companies? We invite you to join our employer focused Twitter Chat on Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 at 9:00am using the hashtag #MIBrightChat to highlight successes and address challenges in building youth career readiness in Michigan!


Why should you attend?

  • Discuss your workforce talent needs and learn how to increase retention of local talent
  • Expand your engagement with Michigan students and educators by offering learning opportunities aligned to support your industry
  • Network with businesses statewide who are utilizing MI Bright Future