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The Program

img-program-main-1The overall goal of MI Bright Future is to address the long-term workforce needs in Michigan, especially in high-demand occupations, by supporting the development of an informed, educated, skilled and experienced talent pipeline. MI Bright Future is a partnership of k-12, workforce development, post-secondary partners, and chambers of commerce working to integrate career planning technology tools with the existing educational development planning process and career awareness and readiness strategies in the K-12 school system. The tools provided by MI Bright Future make it easy for students and educators to learn about and connect with local employers and community mentors.

img-program-main-2Through e-mentoring, message boards and company profiles, MI Bright Future connects what’s happening in today’s classroom with current and projected needs among employers. MI Bright Future enables the managers of existing work-based learning and career-readiness programs to scale their initiatives and reach their goals. Employers can easily promote and manage requests for summer jobs, internships, apprenticeships and job shadowing opportunities through this streamlined system, fostering the relationship between industry and students. Because this platform is web-based, companies can choose their level of engagement with schools and students, which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This means of engaging is also flexible based on the amount of time the company has available to devote.

Schools implementing MI Bright Future are helping to achieve the vision of a robust engagement system between employers, schools, young people, and their primary influencers and supporters focusing on career-related learning experiences. Experiences gained through similar programs (on which MI Bright Future is based) have been shown to act as an effective dropout prevention tool and to help students feel that they are more ready to make education and career decisions. MI Bright Future also allows the region to promote important in-demand careers to students who may otherwise choose to leave the state in search of job opportunities.

Through goals around career awareness, education relevance, and employability, MI Bright Future aims to solve the talent pipeline facing the Southeast Michigan region.

The Problem

Southeast Michigan’s workforce pipeline is in trouble.
Find out why

The Solution

A complex problem requires a complete solution.
The MI Bright Future solution