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“The only force strong enough to move the education pendulum towards an educational system that responds more directly to the needs of industry is industry itself” — Leo Reddy, Chairman and CEO, MSSC

MI Bright Future provides a safe, one-stop place for employers to connect with their future workforce, accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. Register or sign-in now to start promoting your company and industry to students, interacting with them directly, and providing valuable advice and career development opportunities along the way.

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MI Bright Future’s collaboration between students, educators, and employers aims to introduce young jobseekers to the region’s growing occupations by matchmaking through an easy-to-use online platform. This platform includes e-mentoring, message boards, and company profiles that both help inform students, parents, and educators on current and projected employer needs, and connects employers to their future employees: youth considering career opportunities and pursuing necessary post-secondary education and training.

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How does MI Bright Future work?

Want more information about MI Bright Future? Connect with the MI Bright Future team at an Employer Orientation Session! In these live webinars, you will meet the MI Bright Future team, view company profiles from the student portal, and walk through system functionality to help you manage your profile. We will let you know what you can expect as a MI Bright Future company, and we will also provide time for Q&A.

Why MI Bright Future?

Too few students and jobseekers are completing degrees and certifications in high-demand fields, causing many Michigan companies to struggle and compete with one another to find the workers they need. With additional positions to be left vacant when the aging workforce retires, Michigan employers are facing a serious pipeline problem. Local employers say they have even had to turn down contract business due to lack of capacity to complete the work. Businesses want to interact with students to attract them to their field so they can hire the talent they need, and educators and students need company volunteers to provide important career development experiences, but no one has the time to track each other down. Using MI Bright Future’s web-based infrastructure and existing network, companies can make themselves and the occupations they hire visible to students and parents, students can search for opportunities that will help them identify their career path, and educators can coordinate it all simply and virtually.

Make the local connection

Consider engaging in career development opportunities for students in your community, such as company tours, job shadowing, mock interviews, or speaking in a classroom. Why provide work-based learning activities like this? These activities are a chance to connect the real world and the classroom, reaching the students who are our future workforce and providing a context of relevance that makes education an opportunity rather than an obligation and career decisions a process rather than an event.

The most influential 15 minutes of your week

In just a few minutes a week, you can make an impact on a child’s future while offering guidance to our future workforce. Everything is online so you can answer questions when your schedule permits, wherever you have an internet connection!

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